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  • -- Allan Lichter | December 3, 2014

    Bob, As long as we’ve known each other. I’ve never had the opportunity of viewing your work. I do love the uniqueness of the subject matter, technique and the tools used to achieve the intricate studies. The painstaking detail requires an enormous amount of patience. I also love the subtlety of how you introduce color into your compositions…knowing that they can also stand alone if done in 1 color – black with shades of gray. I can commiserate, as my personal and preferred style is using a crow quill pen with black India ink making intricate and time consuming line and cross hatching drawings of nature with an emphasis on trees, plants and rocks. I’m hoping I can make it to the gallery to see them first hand and of course it’s always a pleasure to chat with you if you’ll be there. Best Regards, Allan

  • -- Paula | December 2, 2012

    Great to see that your work is out there. The website looks good. Your work is fabulous!

  • -- Joseph Pluta | February 9, 2013

    What I especially love about the art of Bob Morris is that he combines geometry, architecture, creativity, diverse cultures, and social commentary. My favorites in this collection are “Empire Flyover” and “Carpenter Gothic With Stealth Bomber”. This is a magnificent website that features the work of a very accomplished artist.

  • -- Katherine Reeves Carpenter | January 8, 2013

    Love the analogy between your work and that of Keith Jarrett's. As you know, my aunt and uncle (John Reeves' sister and her husband) were both architects at UT, and so your craft particularly resonates with me. Well, that, and the fact that I've known you for 54 years. ;-)

  • -- Liz Macomb | February 18, 2012

    I love artwork that's not quite what it appears. His juxtapositions are intriguing and his work is precise. I've enjoyed Morris art for years and have two of his acrylic pieces. I'm saving up for one of his pen and inks.

  • -- Joan Klein | February 14, 2012

    Love the unique combination of art and architecture. Great website too. Glad you're finally out there.

  • -- Jakes Srinivasan | January 11, 2012

    I seem to discover something new each and every time I look at these incredible works of art.

  • -- Gretchen and Dick | January 11, 2012

    Into the 21st century indeed! Bob has long surpassed the 21st century: architecturally, artistically, poetically, philosphically, historically, intellectually, fantasmagorically, futuristically, etc (to be read, or sung, to the the tune from the musical 1776 Everywhere a Lee). What an ingenious website! It is beautiful and very informative. Now you are out there in the ether, Bob! Good for you!

  • -- Richard Wagner | January 3, 2012

    I’m blown away by these architectural drawings! They are a whole new visual vocabulary – with all sorts of wild and wonderful form connections in time, space, water, technology, geometry, history, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright and Eiffel. There is so much to discover and digest in the drawings that it’s hard to stop looking. They are urban fantasy kaleidoscopes in hard edged black ink. Powerful stuff!

  • -- Kristin Morris | January 3, 2012

    I may be a bit biased, but the art work and website are beautiful!